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A Solution for Property Ownership”

As people become educated in any market they expect more. Car buyers a few years back were told electric windows, air conditioning and ABS brakes were additional extras – now they are standard.

In the housing market concerns for buyers are energy efficiency, insulation, double glazing, and no leaks. Most buyers are not yet expecting two master bedrooms with en suites, a nook, and kitchenette – but they will be, says Reagan Douglas.

Why should people live alone, Shared Living Solutions is offering designs intended for extended family living from the outset. Privacy and comfort are a prerogative in designing for two sets of residents or owners. Reagan's legal team have developed a Property Sharing Agreement for multiple owners.
Reagan says they have recently developed a more affordable three bedroom 220m2 design intended for people looking to house relatives or for people looking for a way to reduce mortgage payments.

"We are trying to offer a new way of living in homes where a house can give you an immediate return on your investment," says Reagan.

"Capital gain on houses are only realised when you sell them. With a (Shared Living Solutions) house you have options for your house to earn a return from the day you walk in the door."

"Shared Living Solution homes differ little from other good quality houses, but they benefit from the options you have with Shared Living in mind."

Shared Living designs incorporate residential wings separated by the main living area. This gives the house a sense of privacy for its owners and creates zones more practicable for sound proofing.

The accommodation wings each include a master bedroom and en suite, a private room called a nook is attached to each master bedroom. The nooks are an additional private space that can be an office, study, nursery or private sitting room.

Shared Living Solutions is about sustainable growth for our community, future proofing our assets and above all else offering financial control to its owners.

My Wish List - I need someone:

  • Someone who can handle the whole project from the sale of my house to the “moving in” to my new home.
  • Arrange a free valuation of my house and arranges the best agent and sales technique that delivers a better service and fee structure
  • Arrange the legal team to handle the sale and purchase agreements and all my legal requirements.
  • Arrange all the Plans, Specifications and Council red tape.
  • Help with the selection of land to build my dream home.
  • Has a good architect that I can talk to and will listen to my needs.
  • Has a long history in Tauranga that I can trust.
  • Has a 10 year guarantee backed up by Buildin NZ
  • Has an interior designer that will make all my colours work in harmony.
  • Has a landscaper that will give my garden the wow factor and make it easy care.
  • Someone with hands on experience, someone who is licenced and certified, someone who will listen to me and also give me their advice.

Then come on out to Shared Living Solutions new Show Home at 1 Aleisha Place in Rowesdale and let’s see if we can tick all the boxes.

Experience the new building phenomenon that makes Shared Living Solutions homes unique. Come and indulge in what Reagan calls “the residence of quiet charm”.

Take away a free Plan Book and Wish List and start to make things happen Shared Living Solutions delivering “Building Solutions for Modern Living”

Unique features provide extra privacy

Architects have already designed the first homes with unique features to provide extra privacy and spaces for Shared Living.

At least three more designs will be available in the coming months.

Shared living floorplan

Floorplan of our latest Shared Living home.

Click on the image above to see a larger version of the floorplan.


Shared Living Solutions are proud Tauranga builders and are associated with and members of:

Member of New Zealand certified BuildersShared Living Solutions licensed building practitionerHalo 10 Year Residential Guarantee

*Always check the LBP Register to ensure that your building practitioner is currently licensed.

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