Reagan's Corner

After 36 years of trading, it’s time to hang up my apron and move on to other challenges. A big thank you goes out to my many clients over the past three decades, There have been some notable characters that have left an immeasurable memory.

A little history will fill in the gaps of Shared Living Solutions Ltd. I started the company back in 1987 under the name of Doncastor Builders. I traded as Doncastor Builders until 2007 where I made the decision to change the name to Shared Living Solutions Ltd to reflect a move in creating single dwelling footprints that two families can share. The concept was new and presented many challenges, none less so than convincing Tauranga City Council Councillors of the benefits and to persuade them to change some of the rules around multi use residential dwelling. With a change of ownership come new ideas and creativity. Own a Master Company ripe for franchise. Shared Living Solutions is now up for sale. The company can be purchased with or without our current show home. The company hold the intellectual property rights of 16 years of custom-built residential dwellings. All interested parties can contact me

The Lake House Show Home

2019 will see the start of our latest show home “The Lake House”. Created by our exceptional designer “The Lake House” boasts 265.8 sq mteres of twin living. The house is elevated with split level between house and flat. The house boasts three double bedroom, two bathroom, open plan lounge/dining, large wrap around kitchen with walk in pantry, separate laundry and four outdoor courtyard spaces. The flat comprises one bedroom, kitchenette, lounge, separate bathroom and private outdoor living will catch your eye. The site is 827 sq metres with ample room for family fun, this project would suit extended family living, home stay, a border, a guest wing, you decide. Watch our website for updates or follow us on Facebook. My advice is to first analyse your family dynamics, consider your needs now and in the future. Are you just starting out, have all the kids left home or are they about to, do you look after a dependant, are you interested in home stay, are you interested in a border. These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself and write a list. All these questions are relevant to your own family dynamics and impact on what housing is right for you. The one thing you have in common with all these options is, we share our homes with others. An informed decision is required to meet your needs and place you in a much better financial position. This can be achieved with a free consultation with Shared Living Solutions or by visiting our latest show home. Here you will gain valuable knowledge on how to build a modern well equipped smart home that fits your budget. A home that suits your needs, a home that suits your extended family needs. Given the fact Kiwi’s live an average of seven years in a house, we need to ask the question “could I be better off if I stayed in the house I have purpose built for my family and my extended family?” Consider not having to find a new section with the accelerated price seven years later or for that matter the new cost of building. What if my house was constructed with low maintenance materials, catered for my children right up to adulthood, and what if my house could be used to create extra income. These are the questions smart Kiwis are now asking of their living environment. The time can come to do this a lot better than our parents. The cost of housing is one of the biggest burdens that keep us working. Consider halving your mortgage with smart options and imagine your lifestyle then. Consider the sales pitch from your real-estate agent listing your house should you decide to sell, when he or she states this house has two master bedrooms and lots of smart features. Consider the benefits of a Shared Living Home: Financial Gain: Consider the benefit of having rent coming in from part of your house each week, or consider jointly funding a house with another party, consider the reduced mortgage payments. Resale Value: You want to sell your property, consider the added value of having two master bedrooms with added amenities. All Real Estate Agents know the benefits of added value. My Home: You don't need to share with others, consider having the perfect guest wing for family or friends. Home Stay: Perhaps you may wish to dabble in part time home stay, consider the Christmas period or national or international events. Mortgage Availability: Lenders love the idea of added security over property, consider the benefit of approaching a lender with a business plan that includes income from a let wing or perhaps joint deposits from two owners. Dependants: You are looking after a dependant, how great would it be for them to enjoy their own sense of independence with their own wing, purpose built for their needs. There are still many more examples of Shared Living, these are but a few. I am sure everyone can come up with their own advantage. The message, the road to financial freedom is sign posted with ideas that will give you an advantage over those that do nothing. Houses are our biggest asset and yet they do not return a dividend. Capital gain is only realised at the point of sale. Shared Living Solutions Ltd believe the use of floor space to achieve a better financial position is positive thinking.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made by Shared Living Solutions Ltd to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and relevant. All information on this page represents the views of the writer only.